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Chinatown Mural

Since I’m on a roll, here’s another mural. This one is from Vancouver’s Chinatown and it’s chock full of history. Just imagine all the stories the people portrayed in this mural could tell.

Chinatown Mural

Lacombe Mural

Speaking of murals, here’s another. This one’s from Lacombe, Alberta. I took the photo on a grey November day and, once again, the colours of the mural blend perfectly with the surrounding sky.

Lacombe Mural

Edmonton Mural

I’m thinking it’s time for another mural. This one is from Edmonton ― I took this photo last month when I was there over the Easter weekend to visit my family. I like the Greek touch, but I love how the colours blend so perfectly into that bright blue sky the Prairies are known for.

Edmonton Mural

Hollandse Kaas

Look what I got!

Dutch Cheese

I was hanging out in Solo again these past few weeks taking care of a houseful of cats while my sister and her husband were gallivanting around northern Europe. I’m back home again, but as a thank-you gift for my hard work my sister brought a gift for me from the Netherlands: echte Hollandse kaas (real Dutch cheese)!

I thought the timing was too perfect to pass up, given my recent post about my love affair with Dutch cheese, and so I just had to post a photo. Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I’m going to go eat some cheese.

Spotted Towhee

Spotted Towhee

Since I now consider myself a quasi-birder, I thought I’d post a photo for World Migratory Bird Day, which this year is May 10 and 11. (Why it’s called a day when it’s actually a weekend is a puzzle to me, but there it is.)

This is a Spotted Towhee I photographed near Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park a couple of winters ago. Technically, it’s not a migratory bird for Vancouver as it lives here year round, but it is a seasonal bird in other parts of the continent.

Salt Spring Island Cheese

Last month, I told you all about the beginnings of my life-long love affair with cheese.

This month, I’m going to tell you about a stop I make whenever I visit Salt Spring Island — a place that’s perfect for cheese addicts (like me) looking for their next fix.

Salt Spring Island Cheese 1

It’s the Salt Spring Island Cheese Company.

Salt Spring Island Cheese Sign

I’ve long been a fan of this cheesemaker’s dairy products ― they specialize in handmade goat and sheep cheeses that are available in grocery stores and at cheesemongers all across Greater Vancouver. What I did not know is how incredibly fresh the chèvres taste if you buy them straight from the source instead of waiting for them to be shipped to Vancouver. Who knew the difference a few days could make in the flavour and texture of fresh goat cheese?

Salt Spring Island Cheese 2

Salt Spring Island Cheese Company offers a self-guided tour of the cheese-making process from start to finish ― beginning with a walk through the barn where the goats are kept all the way to the final wrapping and display of the many varieties of cheese for sale in the shop.


If you’re as addicted to cheese as I am (is that even possible?), be sure to check out the Salt Spring Island Cheese Company the next time you’re on Salt Spring Island.

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