Team USA

There are an awful lot of Americans wandering around town this weekend.

How do I know they’re Americans?

Well, they are wearing a lot of Stars and Stripes. On their T-shirts. On their caps. Even on their footwear. That American flag is everywhere. And if they aren’t sporting a flag on their clothing, they’re dressed in red, white, and blue.

Why so many more American tourists in town than is usual for a July 4 holiday weekend?

It likely had to do with a certain soccer match that Vancouver hosted today at BC Place.

Yup, it’s a World Cup summer once again. Congratulations, USA!

To commemorate the victory of Team USA, here’s a photo of the biggest American flag I have ever seen. I photographed this one hanging on the building that houses the New York Stock Exchange on my last visit to New York.

New York 2012_0400

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