Boats in a Storm

So. Here we are. The last day of the wildest, craziest year I’ve personally ever experienced.

You know what were the last words I wrote on this blog in 2019?

“May we all see more of the light in 2020.”

Ha. What a sweet, summer child I was a year ago.

So many strange words are part of our vernacular now. Physical distancing. Lockdown. Bend the curve. Quarantine. Bubble. Circuit breaker. Phase 2. Red zone. Tier 4.

One word I never want to hear again?


This is a travel blog, but, like everyone else, I’ve stayed still this year. But here’s something I’ve learned while bird-watching: it is only when you stay still that you really hear the bird song.

This assortment of boats on English Bay is my photo choice for my last post of 2020 because it illustrates something that British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, said at a press conference a lifetime ago way back in May.

We’re in the same storm, but we’re not in the same boat. For some people, it’s been a luxury yacht, and for others we’re really an open skiff adrift without a working engine.”

Despite my naive wish a year ago that we put a miserable 2019 well behind us and all my hopes for a much better 2020, I will still, in faith and in hope, wish all of us a happy new year and all the best for 2021, whatever that may bring. May your seas remain calm, may your boat stay afloat, and may we all hear the bird song.

3 responses to “Boats in a Storm”

  1. Carolyn Pisani says :

    Absolutely brilliant for your last post of 2020, Elizabeth!  Such a well-chosen theme (especially as this is a travel blog) and the beautiful analogy and insightful words by Doctor Bonnie worked in beautifully. I’m glad you ended on a note of hope. If we retain our hope to colour all our efforts, I believe the loss will be less and I think hope always has to be part of the way through. Thank you for continuing your blog—I always look forward to it. I wish you a Happy New Year with whatever buoys you up and keeps you afloat!

    Carolyn Sent from Rogers Yahoo Mail for iPad

    • Elizabeth says :

      Aw, shucks. Thanks for much for saying so, Carolyn. Hope is critical, I agree. It’s also important to remember that we will have good and bad days, and to accept them both as part of the journey. Stay well!

  2. thewanderingempath says :

    I love the sentiment of being a “summer child”. I feel the same way. What a year it has been! Here is to better days ahead.

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