Through My Lens: Seattle Central Library


Here’s a photo of the funky escalators at the Seattle Central Library. I’ve been wanting to post more photos of this library ever since I photographed it when I was last in Seattle. I have three good reasons for posting one today.

  1. This week is Freedom to Read Week in Canada.
  2. I’m in Seattle.
  3. I’ve spent the past two days at the AWP Conference, the largest literary conference in North America. Which means I’ve spent the past two days listening to dozens of panelists talk about writing, reading, editing, and publishing. (Which, you might have guessed, is my kind of heaven.) Which also means I’ve got a whole list of authors to check out as soon as I can get myself back to my own library.

And so, a photo of a library is entirely appropriate for today. Enjoy.

One response to “Through My Lens: Seattle Central Library”

  1. Barbara Kuhne says :

    glad to hear you were in heaven, and one more day to come.

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