Salt Spring Island Fall Fair


Yup. It’s another cow.

And no, this hasn’t turned into a Bovine Blog.

SSI Pig and Piglets

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago at the Salt Spring Island Fall Fair. My friend had been urging me to come over for the island’s annual fair, which, she claims, is the social event of the year for Salt Spring Island.

 SSI Rooster

“Will there be cows?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“I’m there,” I said.

SSI Quail

Salt Spring Island has a long history of farming ― the island was first known for its fruit harvests, then the dairy and poultry farmers arrived. These days, Salt Spring is famous for its lamb …

SSI Sheep

… and for its cheese made from goats’ milk.

SSI Goats

In keeping with that history, the Salt Spring Island Fall Fair has been an island institution since 1896. This year’s theme was Celebrating Family Farming to coincide with the United Nations declaring 2014 the International Year of Family Farming. (I so wish I had made it to last year’s fair: its theme was Pirates of the Carrots and Beans.)

It seems like everyone on the island has something to exhibit at the Fall Fair ― from livestock to produce to baked goods to flowers to handcrafts.

SSI Produce

Although the sheepdog demonstration was fascinating and the zucchini races were, um, unlike any race involving green vegetables I’ve ever seen, my favourite event was the sheep shearing.

Sheep Shearing 1

The shearer showed us how shearing used to be done ― with a big, shiny pair of blade shears …

Sheep Shearing 2

… and then he showed us how it’s done today ― with powered machine shears.

Sheep Shearing 3

Sheep Shearing 4

The Salt Spring Island Fall Fair takes place every September. If I’m feeling in a year that my blog needs more cow photos, I now know where to go.


4 responses to “Salt Spring Island Fall Fair”

  1. Barbara Kuhne says :

    Did anybody tell you that the top photo is a beautiful Brown Swiss cow? Yes, that is the breed, and she is wearing a typical Swiss cow bell.
    I guess this photo was especially for me. Or else you are turning into a farm girl!

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