West End Farmers Market


I know summer has well and truly arrived when the West End Farmers Market returns.

West End Farmers Market

As it did today.


And it’ll be here, every Saturday, until the end of October.


Oh joy, oh bliss. Shopping at your local farmers market is the best way to maintain a 100-mile diet.


Besides the West End Farmers Market where I shop (located alongside Nelson Park), Vancouver has six other summer markets. (There are also two winter markets.) You can buy fresh produce, cheese, baked goods, meat, poultry, and fish, and artisan products such as olives or fruit jams or soap. Vancouverites spend $8 million a year at their farmers markets and support 265 local farmers and artisans in doing so.

Vendor and Shopper

The best part? Everything tastes like summer. Truly.

Go on. What are you waiting for?

20 Years

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