Through My Lens: Boom Lake

Boom Lake

Wait? How did that happen?

It’s closing in on the end of September and I am way behind on posting about last month’s road trip to Alberta and back. Waaaay behind.

It’s not like I don’t know what to write about. I may even have a photo or two to post as well.

Here’s one. This is Boom Lake in Banff National Park, which is accessible by an easy 5 km hike from Highway 93. That’s not fog ― it’s smoke from last month’s wildfires in Washington state.

2 responses to “Through My Lens: Boom Lake”

  1. Dom says :

    Cool shot 🙂 was the smoke a big problem while you were there?

    • Elizabeth says :

      The smoke wasn’t a problem for me, but it would have been for anyone with respiratory issues. I left Banff the next day for Calgary and the smoke was even worse there. It lasted for several days, if I remember correctly, until the wind changed direction.

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