Kalahari Sunrise

So, here’s a thing: it wasn’t until after my African safari that I realized I wanted to do more with my photos than simply post them on Facebook. I also wanted to tell the stories behind the photos. Starting a travel blog seemed like the natural next step in my social media evolution.

But here’s another thing: even though it was five years ago this month that I was on that safari, and even though I am well into my fifth year of posting to this travel blog, I have yet to write about that safari.

So consider this a heads-up: my Kalahari safari will be the focus of this blog over the next few weeks months. If Africa and animals aren’t your thing, feel free to tune out for a couple of weeks.

To get us started, here’s a photo I took just before sunrise at one of the watering holes we camped beside.

Nossob Sunrise

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