Through My Lens: Four Trees

Something shifted for me last week. It started on Thursday when the provincial health orders announced on November 7 for Metro Vancouver were extended to the entire province and until December 7. (And I have no illusions they won’t be extended again.)

And then, on Friday morning, our prime minister reverted to work-at-home and did his media appearance from the stoop of his home in Ottawa.

It feels like we’re right back where we were last March.

The second wave (or, as I like to call it, the Long Winter) that we’ve been talking about since last summer is starting to feel very, very real.

What does this mean for me personally? Pretty much the same as the last eight months: I will hunker down and do everything I can to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

I’ll start by posting a series of photos from my recent daily walks. Because they make me happy. Maybe they’ll cheer you up too.

Here, then, are four trees I took notice of one Saturday afternoon about a month ago. I think they’re Douglas fir, but I could be wrong.


3 responses to “Through My Lens: Four Trees”

  1. Gerrit W. Sheeres says :

    Thanks, Elizabeth, for the enjoyment you give me through your photography. In the picture of the Four Trees I see four old people marked by time, standing apart from the business of life while quietly sharing memories.

    • Elizabeth says :

      Thank you for your comment. I was dithering about whether to describe the trees as a symbol or metaphor of some kind, but in the end decided to leave it open for the reader to make their own interpretation. I’m glad I did.

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